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Knowmadics, Inc. and Groover Labs Launch Cyber Center of Excellence (CCoE) for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Job Creation Initiatives in Wichita, Kan.

Herndon, VA. November 3, 2022 Knowmadics, a provider of innovative end-to-end solutions for solving complex operational challenges and Groover Labs, a 501(c)(3) designated non-profit organization dedicated to innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship, today announced that Knowmadics will open a new Cyber Center of Excellence (CCoE) for national cybersecurity initiatives at Groover Labs’ 42,000-square-foot facility in downtown Wichita, Kansas.

“Kansas has emerged as a national leader in industry innovation and workforce development, and I’m pleased the partnership between Knowmadics and Groover Labs will help build on this success,” said Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan). “The new Cyber Center will not only advance technology growth, but will also create good jobs and utilize the talented students and experts in the Wichita area.”

At the CCoE, Knowmadics’ public and private partners – with the support of academic institutions from across the country – will work together to solve some of the most difficult cybersecurity challenges facing the nation. Based out of a pending build-out of the Groover Labs CyberLink, the facility will include an industry-leading secure cyber lab; office and meeting spaces; prototyping capabilities; and resources and support for other advancements.

“With its commitment to creating infrastructure and developing local talent, we are proud to partner with Groover Labs’ leadership to take part in ‘Building a Stronger Economy’ in Kansas,” said Claire Ostrum, President of Knowmadics. “Our passion for technology growth, and the ability to maximize the valuable human capital resources found in Kansas, align perfectly with Groover Labs’ location, capabilities, philosophy, passion and environment. We are looking forward to calling Kansas the ‘home’ of our Cyber Center of Excellence.”

As part of the infrastructure improvements and additions to its existing facility, Groover Labs will expand and enhance offerings that will provide Knowmadics with access to unique capabilities at its prototyping lab. This access will not only further initiatives for the CCoE, but enable Knowmadics to expand and relocate other existing lines of business that currently operate outside of Kansas. Groover Labs Co-Founder Curt Gridley noted “we are proud that Knowmadics has chosen to join the entrepreneurial landscape that we are fostering here at Groover Labs and excited that they see this as the ideal venue to continue developing their innovative business. We look forward to partnering with Knowmadics to provide the state-of-the-art facilities they need in support of their rapid growth.”

Greater Wichita Partnership’s President Jeff Fluhr also noted “Technology innovation is a key industry sector in our Regional Growth Plan. The Brookings Institute has named the Greater Wichita Region number one in digital service job growth. Knowmadics’ investment in Wichita just further solidifies our region’s position in growing industries such as cybersecurity. We are proud to have Knowmadics in our region.”

With the build-out of the Groover Labs CyberLink, Knowmadics will commit to the CCoE operations by becoming its anchor member/user. With this move, Knowmadics will extensively engage with local and national private sector companies, universities, military and Homeland Security communities.

Knowmadics will also create high-quality jobs and recruit from local universities, to take advantage of the local talent pool. Through a previously announced partnership program with Friends University in Wichita, Knowmadics has already started this outreach by working toward the establishment of a collaborative cyber lab academic curriculum, including potential internship opportunities. The ultimate goal is to recruit and retain technology professionals in the greater Wichita region, for which the Groover Labs CyberLink infrastructure expansion and center will play an instrumental role.


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