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Luv & Support #1: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
Illustrations by Atif Mellal
The Nostalgic Emergency
Remember the days when a dying phone felt like an emergency? It was a mad rush to find where you could get a charge …
The Name Drop
With a sharp drop in social gatherings and networking meetups the name-droppers have experienced a shortage of opportunities to drop said names. ⁣⁣Currently, they …
Protesters Succeed in Changing Corporate Policy
This 30-month-old size five diaper-wearing conservative protector of our religious freedom to bear arms and legs and unmasked faces instigated the mass protest inside …
Back of the Napkin Math – A new field to study?
A new field of mathematics has opened up and it has taken the venture capital markets by storm. This new math called Direct Innovation …
Santa’s Zoom Workshop
Christmas is around the corner so Santa and his elves are working hard to make sure workflow is going smoothly! Take a look and …

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