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Prismatic Launches Embedded Integration Platform for B2B Software Companies

Platform fills market gap, helps B2B software companies provide customer integrations

Sioux Falls, SD, March 30, 2021: Prismatic, the embedded integration platform for B2B software companies, today announced its general availability launch. The platform makes it easier for B2B software companies to build integrations and provide a first-class integration experience to their customers.

“Hyper-specialization of software has dramatically increased the number of solutions businesses use and the need for out-of-the-box software integrations,” said Prismatic CEO and cofounder Michael Zuercher. “B2B software companies are spending more and more resources on integrations because they lack tools to efficiently build and support them. We built Prismatic to address the gaping hole in integration tooling for B2B software companies.”

The integration platform market has expanded in recent years, growing four times faster than the overall software market, according to Gartner. However, most solutions are designed for use within enterprises and do not address the specific challenges B2B software companies face when providing integrations to their customers.  

Prismatic is a complete integration solution designed specifically for B2B software companies. It provides each role in the software company with exactly what they need. First, it gives developers the power and flexibility to extend the platform to fit their product, industry, and the way they build software. This enables non-developers to build integrations in a low-code designer that’s tailored to their product and industry. Finally, customers and customer-facing teams are provided a simple management environment for deploying and managing integrations.

The platform encompasses:

  • Purpose-built infrastructure that runs integrations in a secure, scalable environment
  • An intuitive integration designer for easily building reusable integration workflows
  • Integration deployment and support management, including customer-specific configuration, logging, and alerting
  • An embeddable, white-labeled customer portal with self-service integration tools

Prismatic empowers non-developers to take on more of the integration workload than ever before, and key to that approach is a relentless focus on developer experience.

“For a platform like this to succeed in the real world of a B2B software company, it has to be something developers actually want to use and that they can tailor to work the way it needs to for their product and their organization,” said Prismatic CTO and cofounder Justin Hipple. “We’ve built Prismatic from day one to be developer-friendly and extensible at every turn.”

Prismatic has found early traction with B2B software companies in wide-ranging verticals, including Raven Industries (RAVN), a leading provider of precision agriculture technology.

“With Prismatic, we’re able to deliver integrations in far less time while streamlining our engineering effort,” said Raven Engineering Manager Chris Rallis. “Prismatic has given us the ability to more widely build integrations across our teams. It has also allowed our customer-facing teams to handle customer-specific deployment. These are two key examples of how Prismatic makes our developers more productive and moving forward on the innovations we have happening all over at Raven.”

Prismatic’s founders became well-versed in the integration space while growing their previous company into a national leader in the public safety software vertical. Building and supporting hundreds of product integrations was essential to the company’s rapid market expansion, and they experienced firsthand the challenges integrations pose to B2B software companies.

“Integrations were a never-ending pain point, and those same challenges exist for teams across the B2B software world,” said Zuercher. “Integrations are harder than they should be, and we aim to make them easier so B2B software teams can spend more time on core product innovation. We’ve had great reception from early users, and I’m incredibly excited about the way we’re delivering on our vision as we announce our general availability.”

The platform is immediately available to any B2B software company looking to reduce the integration burden on engineering teams, offload integration infrastructure concerns, onboard customers faster, provide better integration support, minimize problems in production, respond to market needs faster, and better productize their integrations.

Prismatic offers multiple plans including a free tier. Visit for more information or to sign up.

About Prismatic

Prismatic is the embedded integration platform for B2B software companies. It’s the easiest way to build integrations and provide a first-class integration experience to your customers. A comprehensive solution that empowers the whole organization, Prismatic encompasses a purpose-built cloud infrastructure, an intuitive integration designer, integration deployment and support, and an embeddable customer experience. Prismatic was built in a way developers love and provides the tools to make it perfectly fit the way you build software. Learn more at



Beth Harwood, VP Marketing & Developer Relations, Cofounder


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