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St. Louis
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Would You Rather Live in St. Louis or Your Parents Basement?

In this week’s edition of Would You Rather – the game made famous by middle school students unable to have normal conversations with their peers – we ask the question:

Would you rather live in St. Louis or your parent’s basement?

Clearly the answer is your parent’s basement, but for argument’s sake we will make both of them for you and let you decide.  

Argument  – I would rather live in St. Louis because:

  1. St. Louis scored a 6.3 out of 10 on US News best places to live ranking. Granted this is a D in most classrooms, but good enough for top 100 in the US.
  2. I am from St. Louis. This is the greatest city in the country.  I actually live in St. Charles, but we are all one community, although I would never drive through most of them.  
  3. I was transferred here. No choice really. 
  4. Budweiser and Panera Bread. 
  5. Court ordered.

Argument  – I would rather live in my parents basement because:

  1. Parent’s basement scored an 8.9 out of 10 on US News best places to live ranking. Downsides are my wife hates it and a lack of natural light.
  2. Everyone from St. Louis is an asshole. Sorry, I meant everyone from Wentzville or O’Fallon or Chesterfield. I am not sure anyone is actually from St. Louis, but definitely, everyone from Florissant is a horrible person.
  3. Free room and board, wifi, daycare, and my relationship with my parents has never been better…now that I am working part-time. The kids really enjoy having Memaw and Poppop around.  A move to St. Louis would really throw a wrench into this.  
  4. Budweiser and Panera Bread.
  5. Court ordered.

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  1. Geam Lincoln Ls 2020

    October 21, 2020 at 9:08 am

    Inspiring story there. What happened after? Good luck!

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