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Your Next Drink is on Tippl

Tippl was founded in 2021 and fully launched at the beginning of 2022 by Mark Wong, Mike Friedman, Matthew Moore, and Taylor Darlington in Omaha, Nebraska. The idea for Tippl began in the height of Covid as a catalyst to rekindle community togetherness and reinvigorate local businesses. In an interview with Strictly Business, Mark Wong stated “Let’s be reminded of a time when togetherness, comradery, friendship, and support were everyday occurrences.” As of today, they have 28 businesses on their platform, 160 subscribers, and are looking to partner with more businesses as their brand recognition and concept gain traction.

What is Tippl?

Tippl is an app that allows users to receive a free drink everyday and local businesses to gain community awareness. Community members try Tippl for free, then pay the cost of one drink ($5.00) to get up to 31 free drinks a month at participating locations. Their app currently has 800 downloads, 160 subscribers, and 28 local businesses in the Greater Omaha Area.

What differentiates Tippl is the personal, local touch only Tippl can provide and users of the app receive a free alcoholic beverage each day. Tippl founders check in with their partners regularly to gauge the success and satisfaction of their services. 

Why You Should Tippl

There are two segments that benefit from Tippl, local businesses and community members. 

For local businesses, the value of generating foot traffic is worth more than the free drink they give. states, “profit margins on alcoholic beverages range from 75-80%”, making customer acquisition costs extremely low. 

Community members are using the system, which validates that their concept does work. Customers who stop in for the free drink will most likely stay to purchase a second or third drink and well as food. In an interview with the Omaha World Herald Mike discussed how they “conducted surveys where results showed 73% of respondents are likely to order a second beverage after redeeming a free drink.” Lastly, the process is easily integrated into bars and restaurants because all the data is tracked within the app itself. 

For users of the app, the process is equally as easy. First, you are able to find a local business within the app via geolocation. As soon as you open the app, you are shown locations of businesses close to you. Once inside the establishment, you show the app to the bartender or server and enjoy your free drink on Tippl!

How You Can Help

Tippl is looking to expand into Lincoln by the end of Q2 in 2023. If you are a local business owner who wants to see how Tippl can bring customers to you, click here to list your business for free. 

With this expansion, Tippl is hiring! Are you a mobile app programmer or looking to gain experience as an intern in tech, business development, marketing and outreach? Contact Mark at [email protected]

Up to this point, Tippl has been bootstrapping and is open to raising funds to scale as more businesses sign on with them. If you are an investor and interested in enabling Tippl to grow, reach out to Mark at [email protected]

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Feature image by Debra Kaplan


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