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AuditMiner, a Bull in a China Shop

Imagine a 2,000 pound bull trapped inside a tiny, congested china shop. Red eyed, nostrils flared, its hoofs smash the precious china as it tries to make room for itself. Fast forward as the bull crashes head first through the china shop window – pieces of glass fly through the air onto the street below. Then hear the harsh thud as the massive bull hits the pavement and runs at full speed toward a place free of fragile china. 

This image is derived from Co-Founder of AuditMiner, Kelly Mann, who stated “People kept telling me to stop being such a bull in a china shop. One day, I decided that I can be a bull, but I don’t have to live in a china shop. If you feel like you’re a bull in a china shop, just get out and find the arena where you belong.” Here is a story of the bull who did just that.

Since its founding in 2021, what began as a 2 person collaboration is now experiencing rapid organic growth in areas such as: number of employees, locations served, and community engagement. Auditminer now boasts thirteen employees and serves customers in 33 states (13 of which are within the top 100 CPA Firms and 26 within the top 200 CPA Firms). Incredible numbers for being only a year old! 

On September 22, 2022 Kelly Mann was announced as one of the Top 5 Finalists for the Omaha Inspire Award for Women in Small Business. She was also selected as a 2022 AICPA and Startup Accelerator Roundtable presenter. The AICPA Executive Roundtable is held in New York as an invite only event that brings together the industry’s top thought leaders from around the globe. This event sells out year after year, and is described as “Accounting’s foremost technology companies [who] participate in the energetic exchange of experiences and specialized insights”. (AICPA Website) The proof is in the pudding, Auditminer has established itself as a nationally recognized, fast-moving company. 

So, What Is AuditMiner? 

The idea stemmed from Co-founders Kelly Mann and Jason Bogner, who acknowledged a problem that all CPA’s face. “The copy, the paste, the redundancy…” is the problem that Auditminer solves by saving CPA’s critical time (10-20 hours to be more exact) by standardizing and streamlining the employee benefit audit process. Basically, this software improves the overall quality and efficiency of the employee benefit plan audit process.

Initial funding was provided in 2021 by Proven Ventures, a Burlington Capital Fund. After this first round of funding, AuditMiner has not raised subsequent rounds because it successfully generates its revenue organically through customer sales. In order to provide adequate customer service to Firms in 33 states, it makes sense that 11 employees have been onboarded in the past year. The success of AuditMiner is correlated to its proof of concept that stimulates desire from its customers as well as the culture embedded within the team. 

Common themes that employees love about working at Auditminer are “Delivering a high value product”, “Making an impact”, “Working in a positive, supportive environment”, and “Enjoying a positive work/life balance”. Employees believe that their work matters and are given ownership of their roles within the company. Learn more about Auditminer employees by clicking here. Auditminer has successfully melded an innovative product and effective team to gain traction which has been solidified by their recent accomplishments. 

Even though these accomplishments extend on a national level, Auditminer and its team are also providing excellent opportunities and engagement right here in the heartland. A goal of Kelly’s is to reinforce the realization that great businesses don’t have to come from the coasts.  To this end, Mann engages with collegiate level connections by speaking to entrepreneurship classes in our community and engages with UNO’s Capstone program in which MBA students provide consulting services for real problems. These offerings stimulate critical conversations within the broader community and deliver awareness to possibilities that exist for entrepreneurs in Nebraska. 

How to Help

Due to their high growth, AuditMiner is hiring in the areas of customer success, sales, and development.  Shoot an email to [email protected] if interested. 

Alternatively, if you know of someone or own a local business who has a 401k audit, feel free to make as many introductions as you’d like. For more information visit their website at


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