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Failed Search for Urinary Leakage Solution Inspires Founder to Develop Her Own

Watkins-Conti Products Incorporated is an Edmond, Oklahoma-based company that makes products specific to women’s health. In the company’s most recent round of funding the Watkins-Conti raised $1.4 million in a round led by Victorum Capital Club. According to the Oklahoman, this funding is being used for continued clinical trials for the company’s latest product, the Yoni Fit.

Allison Watkins-Conti is founder and now CEO of Watkins-Conti Products.  She founded her company in 2015 upon designing, patenting, engineering and producing the Yoni Fit.  Yoni Fit is a solution for women having problems with involuntary urination. Watkins-Conti was inspired to create the product after her own experiences following the birth of her first child. 

Watkins-Conti was recently named in the top 20 under 40 for in Business Time Magazine. Watkins-Conti Products was also named a finalist for the “Most Promising New Venture” award by the Oklahoma Venture Forum in 2020.

Watkins-Conti Products produces both the Yoni Fit and the My Cup Case. Watkins-Conti described the Yoni Fit as a “100% medical-grade silicone vaginal insert that gently places pressure on the urethral sphincter, which prevents leakage. Easily inserted like a tampon, the device can be worn all day or during exercise. You do not have to remove it to urinate and it’s super comfortable, because you don’t know it’s there.”  The My Cup Case is a clean case for the Yoni Fit or a menstrual cup. The My Cup Case is available for purchase through Walmart, Amazon, or directly through the company website at

Watkins-Conti takes great pride in her company’s products, and is confident that they will make a real difference in the lives of women. She told Authority Magazine, “This was not about the money for me; this was about solving my own debilitating problem. I painstakingly searched for a solution for myself, and when I could not find one, I developed my own. It was only then that I learned about the market and its massive size. It was a relief to know that so many (one in three) women experience the same leakage issue.” 

Watkins-Conti continues her quest to develop women’s health solutions, and is currently working to produce at-home STI tests and yeast infection treatment for women. 

To learn more about Watkins-Conti Products, please visit:


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