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Omaha-based Lifeloop Acquired

LifeLoop was founded by Amy Johnson and Philip Lee in 2013.  The company was built to solve their own problems – providing communication tools to and around loved ones who were in senior living facilities.  This was originally a challenge of distance and time, but during COVID LifeLoop became a key lifeline for many families to be with their loved ones.  

The company is known as being one of the shining examples of Nebraska’s startup ecosystem – with Amy Johnson (Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer) appearing on many panels and other public events.  She and her team joined iN2L as part of the merger. [The rest of this story comes from the iN2L press release.]

iN2L is the leading provider of person-centered digital engagement to the senior living market.  With complementary missions, these two market-leading providers of resident experience and engagement solutions will join forces to create the senior living industry’s most comprehensive technology platform.

Even as pandemic recovery efforts continue to progress, the senior living industry faces ongoing occupancy, operational, and staffing challenges. With the addition of LifeLoop’s expansive suite of communication, experience, and operational tools, iN2L will be able to support the industry’s ability to build healthy workplaces and foster thriving communities that support the overall happiness, satisfaction, and well-being of both residents and staff.

“We have long admired LifeLoop’s vision to provide technology that fosters vibrant, well-connected communities,” said Lisa Taylor, iN2L’s CEO. “They have proven to share our vision and passion for creating possibility, enjoyment, and connections for hundreds of thousands of seniors. Together, we can leverage our enhanced solution portfolio to better support senior living communities and advance the evolving experience of aging across America.”

Amid mounting caretaker burnout, the industry’s staffing crisis continues unabated, further exacerbating existing operational and occupancy challenges. According to the National Center for Assisted Living, 96% of assisted living communities are grappling with staffing challenges today, which impacts their overall ability to engage residents and boost occupancy rates. Together, iN2L and LifeLoop’s cohesive platform of well-proven features and functionalities will boost resident engagement, improve well-being, and foster deep connections, all while delivering administrative efficiencies to build workplace satisfaction and help fill gaps in the workforce.

This announcement marks the senior living technology ecosystem’s first major acquisition. Together, iN2L and LifeLoop will further their joint mission to enhance the aging experience and help shape the future of senior living. For the first time, the two organizations will unite market-leading engagement technology with robust operational and administrative services in a singular platform that is uniquely positioned to address the industry’s real-time needs.

As iN2L’s vision grows, so too does its team. With the acquisition, the LifeLoop organization will seamlessly merge with the iN2L team to rapidly foster innovation that supports real-time community needs. Upon integration, the technology provider will be able to scale solutions across new modalities to help make an impact upon today’s diverse array of senior living experiences.

“We recognized in iN2L not just a peer but a like-minded group of individuals, whose goal was to make life better for seniors in need, and for those who love and support them,” said LifeLoop co-founder and CEO, Amy Johnson. “This acquisition allows us to leverage our technology, our industry relationships, and further our clear vision for the future of resident experience and engagement.”

With the acquisition, Johnson will move into a new position as Chief Strategy Officer of the combined organization. “We are over the moon to welcome Amy to the executive team,” said Taylor. “Over the last year, we’ve been focused on building out the capabilities of our leadership team, which will grow even more with her on board. She brings a keen strategic eye and a thorough understanding of the industry’s biggest pain points and needs. Perhaps most importantly, she shares our team’s deep passion for advancing the aging experience.” 

With 26 communities, Agemark Senior Living knows that prioritizing staff satisfaction, family communication, and resident engagement is key to attracting consistent occupancy and generating growth. “Our partnerships with iN2L and LifeLoop have been instrumental in creating strong resident, family, and staff satisfaction via the adoption of their communication workflow and engagement programs,” said Marty Hug, COO of Agemark. “This transaction allows us to continue leveraging the instrumental workflow and engagement services we count on today, while also streamlining and reducing the workload of our staff.”

To learn more about the strategic acquisition and what is next for iN2L and LifeLoop, check  here


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