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Seven Start-Ups to Watch in Nebraska

1. Logica

Logica is a financial forecasting platform with a smooth interface that allows finance teams to work with large data and collaborate with the rest of the organization. The platform includes features such as financial planning, dynamic planning, budgeting, and more. Logica was founded in 2020, the Omaha company by Carissa and Leandro Castro. In 2021 Logica was a graduate of the Y Combinator accelerator program. The company has received over $1 million in seed funding from Invest Nebraska. With a growing portfolio of big-name clients, Logica is the company to watch out of Nebraska in the next few years. 

2. Peeq

A cosmetics company started by optometrists Dr. Cheryl Chapman and Dr. Christopher Wolfe along with CEO Thomas Chapman in 2018. Peeq was founded to create the most eye-friendly facial cleanser solutions possible. The two noticed that many of their women clients had chronic dry eyes or blepharitis. To solve this problem, Chapman and Wolfe worked with experts to develop a cleanser that could go all around the eye and even on the eyeball. The result is Peeq, who manufactures and sells an Eyelid and Facial cleanser along with other products that are good for your skin, without the abrasive chemicals that come in other face cleaning solutions.

3. Corral Tech

Bringing modern technology to the ranching industry, Corral Tech helps farmers get the most out of their land. Rancher and engineer Jack Keating founded Corral Tech in 2020. Keating was tired of mending the fence and all the time and effort, “there has to be a better way to do this,” he thought. Corral Tech was the solution using wearable technology on cattle ranchers can set virtual boundaries across their property by simply using a phone or tablet. The boundaries are then enforced using physical sensations sent by the collar when the livestock get too close to the boundary. With Corral Tech’s innovative geofencing solution, ranchers can maximize their land to have more cattle per acre than traditional fencing methods meaning more profitability, with less time spent in the fields.

4. Grain Weevil

Chad and Ben Johnson are the father and son founders of Grain Weevil, the robotics company that makes sure no farmer has to go inside their grain bin ever again. Grain Weevil robots eliminate the dangers and unpleasant experience of breaking up crusts and bridges in grain bins. The weevils are also excellent business investments. The increased attention to grain reduces labor costs and labor costs, allowing for increased profits for farmers. To date, Grain Weevil has received $1.5 million in seed funding, all from Innova Memphis. 

5. Burst 

According to the company website, “Burst revolutionizes the collection and interpretation of customer experiences. By simplifying the entire process from customer engagement to generating real-time actionable insights for leaders.” Burst was formed through research in human capital allocation by founder/CEO Dr. Courntey Reinert who won the prestigious AFTWERX prototyping contract in 2021. The application allowed the prototype to be deployed at Keesler Air Force Base, which was incredibly well-received. The company Burst Analytics was formed in 2022 and continues to develop Burst for the commercial market. 

6. Sentinel Fertigation

Jackson Stansell founded Sentinel Fertigation in 2021 to help deal with the nitrogen dilemma being faced by farmers across the United States. As you may know, most of the nitrogen used in modern farming for greater yields is produced synthetically. However, this process is extremely harmful to the environment. Sentinel Fertigation provides a solution that allows farmers to optimize the way they fertilize their crops. Stansell created the technology for Sentinel while earning his master’s degree at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. The result is a system that uses ariel imaging and predictive analytics to help farmers improve nitrogen fertigation, helping improve their bottom line and improve environmental sustainability. 

7. Maxwell

Maxwell and founder Adriana Cisneros-Basulto are helping employers bring more modern benefits to their companies. The company’s innovative Maxwell mobile app allows employees to view all available perks and benefits in one place. The company also provides benefit services for employers to purchase such as  lifestyle benefits and rewards for engagement. In addition, Maxwell provides analytics and productivity information allowing employers to see what their team needs. Maxwell is a modern take on HR for the constantly changing work world we live in. 


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