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Startup Update – Hellcat Technologies, Inc.

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Hellcat Technologies was founded in 2019 and plans to fully launch in Spring of 2023. They are currently rolling out their beta test and will use the feedback to launch their consumer grade product in the Spring.

Hellcat Technologies is raising their second round in order to go to market. If you’re interested in investment opportunities, contact Steve at [email protected] and/or Jason at [email protected].

The original story of Hellcat Technologies began when co-founder Steve Wozniak was frequently up late doing paperwork for his own company, 712 Communications, and thought there had to be a better way. That’s when he called up co-founder Jason Blackburn and said “I need to talk to you.”

While cutting trees off terraces in a cornfield, Jason and Steve discussed exactly what they needed to build to solve problems that telecom companies experience. They knew they could solve problems with software solutions in the telecom industry.

These two have merged their skills and knowledge in programming and the telecom industry to create a product that fills a large gap in the marketplace and offers unparalleled value to business owners.

What is Hellcat Technologies?

Hellcat Technologies is a software platform that uses mobile field applications that seamlessly integrate with an office admin cloud portal creating a project and asset management system. Hellcat eliminates cumbersome paperwork and provides modern tools for the telecom industry so it can operate efficiently and profitably.

After spending nearly 4 years and $350K in product development, Hellcat Technologies has developed a platform that allows telecom businesses to manage analytical data to fine tune business processes.

Hellcat Office Command offers work order processing and scheduling, synchronized inventory management, the ability to download important documents such as blueprints, and analytics to enhance productivity.

Hellcat Field Command offers automated invoicing, inventory tracking, the ability to upload photos to ensure quality of workmanship and GPS Route Optimization for sites that do not have a specific address.

Hellcat Technologies will determine the type of company using the product, manage the company’s crews, and facilitate the crew management process. “This is a game changer for the industry, nothing like this has been around before, the telecom industry hasn’t evolved with the rest” stated Steve.

This data will allow business owners to determine where they make the most money, which are the most efficient crews, what is profitable for their company, and even which crews generate the least amount of material waste.

Demo Hellcat Technologies Today

Hellcat Technologies offers simple solutions all in one interface. Click here to schedule a demo and see how Hellcat Technologies can optimize your telecom business.


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