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Top Ten Startups In Wisconsin


Top Ten Startups In Wisconsin

  1. Ensodata – Madison

EnsoData provides a software platform that enables the discovery, identification, and actionable reporting of critical to understand patterns and trends in health data, particularly around sleep research. The company’s proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence have dramatically decreased the time to analyze research data. In recent news, EnsoData raised $9 million in June this year.

  1. Synthetaic  – Delafield

Synthetaic grows large and high-quality datasets sufficient for machine learning around 3D recognition of growths and tumors. The company is able to extend AI into industries where data constraints have prevented previous applications of the technology.  On October 20, they announced that they had raised $3.5 million in seed funding.

  1. Fiveable – Milwaukee

Fiveable delivers high quality virtual teaching for advanced high school courses. Fiveable aims to give equal opportunities for all students to reach their potential. Established in 2018 by Amanda Doamaral, they recently raised $2.3 million for the company.

  1. LÜM – Madison

Live Underground Music, LÜM is a music discovery and streaming platform that is built to facilitate new artists by using a social network approach biased towards new or undiscovered talent. The company was featured as Apple’s App of the Day on April 3 this year and have grown their artist platform to over 80,000. As of late October, the company had raised more than $10 million in seed funding.

  1. PAXAFE – Milwaukee

PAXAFE builds smart packaging using IoT.  The smart packages aggregates critical supply chain data and enables intelligent shipping knowledge and insurance. The firm has raised a total of $951k since their founding in 2018 by Ashok Seetharam and Ilya Preston.  PAXAFE is a graduate of the Gener8tor acceleration program.

  1. Xena Workwear  – Milwaukee

Xena Workwear makes products for professional women so that they can seamlessly transition between work environments. The company specializes in women’s work boots that are fashionable and functional for a woman who might find herself on a job site and in need of steel toe boots..  Founded in 2018 by Anastasia Kraft who said, “I started this company out of my own frustration, working in a manufacturing environment where the only options were bulky, manly work boots.”  Read more about her story.

  1. SeedLinked –  Viroqua

SeedLinked uses crowd-sourced data and advanced analytics to enable plant breeders, seed sellers, farmers, and gardeners to choose, acquire, breed, and sell place-adapted, specialty seed. [There are a lot of commas in that last sentence.] Co-founded in 2018 by Dr. Nicolas Enjalbert, Dave Kruse, and Gail Doesken, SeedLinked was started to facilitate an easier experience for finding the exact right seed for a planter’s needs.

  1. Carepool – Madison

Carepool is a software platform for elder patients or those with disabilities to coordinate transportation to attend medical appointments.  In a fabulous article on Wisconsin Inno, Josh Massey, the founder explained the many issues that he needed to solve to provide transportation solutions to those that were potentially at risk.  The firm also participated in both the Gener8tor gBeta program and the Jumpstart Foundry.

  1. Alpha Dog Nutrition – Brillion 

Alpha Dog Nutrition manufactures and sells nutritional supplement products to develop the body and hunting skills of the customer’s dogs. Founded in 2017 by Joe Scott, Alpha Dog Nutrition was established in Brillion, a small town in Northeast Wisconsin.  This rural enterprise represents a significant new opportunity for the region.

  1. – Appleton provides software that helps create learning materials for small and medium-sized businesses using visual media, as opposed to text-based materials. Andrew Schmitz, Mike Harper, and Darren Koutnik founded the company in early 2019 after generating the concept at a local bar in Oshkosh.  Instead of telling people what to do, the company motto is: “Show them what to do.”

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