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Best Office Plants

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The Best Office Plants for Your Startup

No Spider Plants Please!

So you just founded a business and are moving into your new, maybe small, office space. The blank canvas can be daunting, but adding a little green (and we mean plants) can take your office from blaaaah to aaaawe! Here are the best office plants for your new space. Low light, easy-care plants for any busy founder.

Sansevieria (now classified Dracena):

This plant grows upright, making it great for small spaces. It comes in many sizes with a variety of colors and leaf variegation. Commonly known as ‘Snake Plant’, this plant can withstand lower light conditions and a little water neglect. If you get busy and forget to love on your Sansevieria, no worries. It should bounce back just fine! For best results, pot this plant in quick draining, fast drying soil such as succulent mix. Put your plant in a window with bright indirect light or under your florescent office lights. Keep in mind, the less light, the less water it will need. Sanseviera does not take well to overwatering. Symptoms that you have water-loved too hard; droopy or splitting leaves. This can also be a sign of neglect too…so keep those leaves standing tall and proud.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia ‘ZZ Plant’

The ‘ZZ Plant’ is your best bet for low light. Buyer be aware that if you are looking to keep this plant tight and upright, you will want to give it brighter light. Consider a grow light if you don’t have access to a window. The ‘ZZ’ has really thick stems for storing water so you don’t have to water this plant more than once a month, maybe twice in summer, light depending. You will find this plant in big and small sizes and it is perfect for a beginner. Plant your ‘ZZ’ in fast-draining succulent soil and keep in mind that it is very susceptible to root rot. So DON’T overwater.

Epipremnum ‘Pothos’

The ‘Pothos’ is a super common plant, but FYI…it is NOT a ‘Pothos’ at all, it’s actually Epipremnum you really want. This plant offers a lovely trailing look that will drape and vine down over your desk or bookshelf. You will typically find them in all green (‘Neon’), white variegation (‘Marble Queen’), and yellow variegation (‘Golden’). They can take a lower light so feel confident setting them up a little farther from the window. Water at least twice a month, but if you forget, no worries. It might look sad and thirsty, but one watering and it should bounce back just fine. This plant lives in regular potting soil, but make sure it has good drainage. Easy Peasy!

Aglaonema ‘Chinese Evergreen’

If you are looking for a little color, you will want to check out the ‘Chinese Evergreen’. You will find this plant in white, pink, yellow…a plethora of colors. It does alright in lower light, but if you want to keep it lush set it up near a window with bright indirect light. Pot it in regular potting soil and water at least twice a month. Keep in mind that any colorful plant does better in bright light, despite what the store tag might say. This plant, like all plants, will be more susceptible to pests if not properly cared for.

Monstera deliciosa

This tropical beauty can be small, medium to quite large. If you have a big space with a great window, then I recommend a big Monstera deliciosa. Water when the top couple inches of soil are dry and use a light fertilizer in spring and summer. If you want some added height, train your Monstera to climb up a moss pole. Use regular potting soil amended with some perlite and repot when growth starts to slow…preferably in spring.


Let’s talk about texture! Cactus makes a great office plant. They don’t need much! Just give them some light and good draining soil. You can get a really small specimen for your table or desk or invest in a large plant for a bright window. Might be a good way to splurge with some of those Angel Funds…just kidding (sort of). Pot your cactus in a soil specified for cacti. Water it about once a month and watch it grow…slowly. You can choose from so many species, pretty soon you will be collecting them all.

There are so many great options to choose from when decorating your new office. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that plants don’t only clean the office air, they add comfort, color and will keep your employees happy as they slave away all day.

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