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Bitcoin Day


Bitcoin Day Omaha

Some of my earliest memories educating the public on Bitcoin occurred at The Startup Collaborative, back when they were on the Creighton University campus. Peter and Erica did a standup job consolidating the Omaha startup community in one space and it’s been amazing to see how that organization has grown and boosted the signal about entrepreneurship in Nebraska. Someone overheard me talking about Bitcoin, and initiated the usual “Bitcoin? I’ve heard about that” conversation. I would almost guarantee they now own multiple cryptocurrencies – it’s becoming more rare to find those in our age bracket who do not own any coins. It was there I gave my first 1 Million Cups talk, and have since done several between Omaha and Lincoln.

The industry has greatly evolved since then. We now see the Bitcoin price charts on CNBC and Yahoo! Finance, and almost daily headlines on mainstream media. As the Nebraska startup community has grown, so have the global Fintech and Bitcoin industries, but it hasn’t always been in a straight line. Over the years we’ve seen the Meetup attendance and market sentiment ebb and flow with encroaching government regulation, price dips, and negative news such as ransomware. But the bearish sentiment has slowly faded with enterprise adoption and celebrity endorsements.

Pausing our event schedule due to COVID for two years has allowed us to grow the other arms of our business including mining operations, consulting, and concierge purchasing services. Before that we had hosted several distinct events including Coinfest, Bitcoin Day, Digital Economy, and Block-a-thon. With the economy reopening and recent large institutional interest including MicroStrategy, Square, and Tesla as well as the rise in price, it seemed appropriate to restart our schedule with Bitcoin Day Omaha first. And so we are hosting Bitcoin Day Omaha 2021 at Modern Work 87th & F on September 10th.

Our goal is to have a good balance of speakers from Nebraska, regional speakers from the Midwest, and national personalities from across the US. A lot of the recent exposure the Midwest has gained from entities such as Rise of the Rest and Gener8tor have made the conversations much easier to draw folks who may never have stepped foot in Nebraska attend to share their experiences and perspectives from around the country. Regionally we’ll have presenters from Sioux Falls and Kansas City along with experts from the local Omaha/Lincoln Bitcoin community.

Success for the event would mean that everybody in attendance walks away with a better understanding of digital currency and how it will impact their life. These are some of the personas with which we’ve designed the content in mind: 

  • A day trader looking for different or better strategies
  • A newbie learning how to acquire and securely store your coins
  • A business owner interested in accepting cryptocurrency for your company
  • A business professional exploring how Bitcoin will impact your industry
  • An investor looking to diversify your portfolio or IRA 
  • A programmer or IT consultant exploring Blockchain development ideas

Bitcoin Day Omaha is going to be an exciting, interactive forum to encourage hands-on experiences, networking and discussion at all levels of knowledge and expertise, as well as opportunities to win Bitcoin and hear about projects and products with real world use cases. Bitcoin is becoming a more significant part of our economy and zeitgeist. Invest in your professional development using promo code MUGNEWS to save $25 off the ticket price!


Bitcoin Day Omaha

September 10th, 2021

Modern Work Suites

8790 F Street

Omaha, NE 68127


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