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Loophire: the Next Big Thing In Finding Your Next Job

The Omaha-based startup Loophire concluded a round of seed funding, raising $300,000 from the Nebraska Angels in June, 2021. Loophire works to “connect job seekers and employers seamlessly.” The technology solution has advanced algorithms that automate the job search process for candidates as well as the organizations. 

Loophire founder and CEO Chris Jones has had a long career in the field of recruitment and helping organizations find the right candidates to fill their openings. Jones worked at Cornerstone Staffing of Omaha from 2014 to 2018. Jones left Cornerstone and joined CJM Recruiting Partners, another Omaha-based company that works on improving recruitment for their clients to create a more efficient and effective hiring process. 

Jones wanted to make improvements to the industry, and he felt that his company’s CRM was out of date.  He wanted a better way to use modern technology to streamline the process, and decided the best way to do it was to create his own company.  Jones told Silicon Prairie News in a recent interview that the idea for Loophire came to him in a very raw form. “It came to me in the middle of the night,” he said. “I went and wrote on my white board in my office, ‘If you can build consistency, checks and balances, and traditional best practices for recruitment enhanced with technology, you can create a utopia of hiring.’” 

Jones set about developing his raw idea into the reality of a website to help employers and applicants meet, and officially launched Loophire in 2019.  With his original vision in mind, Jones’ company has worked to eliminate the avalanche of resumes that come with a job posting. On the side of the employers, Loophire only charges organizations for the applicants that they actually want to get into contact with, thereby cutting down on the cost of bringing on new employees. For those seeking jobs, Loophire not only takes into account the qualifications on each applicant’s resume, but also provides each user a personality test. With both of these sources Loophire is able to provide applicants a unique experience, suggesting jobs based on the qualifications, experience, and traits they have presented. 

Jones commented on his future vision by explaining that the seed funding will be used to create the basis of infrastructure that will allow the company to scale its process. As of June 2021 the company had helped connect 3,000 employees to their new jobs; Loophire expects this number to grow rapidly in the coming years. 

Jones also told Silicon Prairie News that he wants to “anonymize candidates” on Loophire. Creating total equality where name, race, and gender have no influence on a candidate being invited for an interview. The team at Loophire is just getting started; Jones wants to use his company to create the ultimate website to connect job seekers and their future employers. Thanks to Loophire’s innovative technology, employees find careers instead of jobs, and firms are able to find their ideal candidates quickly, and get back to business. 


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