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The Company That Could Cut Out Your Trip To the DMV Just Got a Big Boost

CivicPlus, a Manhattan Kansas based provider of cloud-based technologies for local governments, received a $290 million investment last week from the group Insight Partners. According to CivicPlus CEO Brian Rempe, this investment comes at a perfect time. It allows CivicPlus to make strategic acquisitions to create a more well-rounded “Civic Experience” for the local governments who use their software. 

According to their website, CivicPlus is a company that specializes in allowing local governments to optimize the experience that they deliver to their citizens. Currently, they are the only company occupying the Civil Experience Platform market. With local governments expected to spend $58.1 billion on technology in the next year, this investment from Insight Partners positions CivicPlus to take an even bigger piece of that pie. In a press release, Rempe said, “Insight understands the fundamental changes in the relationship between local governments and their citizens, and they value our vision of enabling civic leaders to optimize that relationship.”

The market of self-service technologies was already a growing market pre-pandemic, but with the aerial of Covid-19 local governments were forced to move more and more of their provided services online, accelerating the process. With the passing of the American Rescue Act, sending $1.9 trillion part of this money is expected to go to IT for local governments, meaning a big boost for all gov tech.

Four thousand local governments across the nation already use civic Plus. With this new funding, this number should skyrocket over the next few years.

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