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The Launch of “Scale Omaha” – gathering, educating, and inspiring local entrepreneurs

Omaha, Neb. February 7th , 2023 – If you are interested in the startup space, you’ve likely heard of “Startup Grind” – a global community of entrepreneurs with chapters in most medium to large-sized cities around the globe (including Omaha – courtesy of two people).

Jake Burklund and Craig Heron started the Omaha Chapter of Startup Grind with a vision to gather, educate, and inspire all of Nebraska’s entrepreneurs. As their second year comes to a close, the duo spent some time reflecting on all of their past events and designing what the future should look like.

“What a ride! 30 events, 16 speakers, and thousands of connections,” Craig explained.

“As we look toward the future, our passion for serving local founders has never been stronger. In order to best serve founders and the local startup ecosystem, we have decided to move away from Startup Grind and establish a non-profit called Scale Omaha. Our mission remains the same, to gather, educate, and inspire local entrepreneurs. We will continue to accomplish this through our monthly events.” – Jake Burklund, co-founder of Scale Omaha.

Scale Omaha’s aim is to host events that allow attendees to make friends with local startup founders, tech talent, investors, and ecosystem supporters while also learning from accomplished speakers that tell the stories of building successful companies in Nebraska.

Scale Omaha’s headline event – a fireside chat with a seasoned founder + networking following the chat –  will take place on the third Thursday of every month. Scale Omaha also plans to sprinkle in other events, celebrations and meetups throughout the year.

“As a non-profit, we will be entirely community supported through donations and volunteers! If you love startups and would like to get involved, please contact us: [email protected]” – Justin Krug, community volunteer & board member of Scale Omaha.

For information on our events and access to our past founder interviews, visit:

About Scale Omaha: Scale Omaha is a regional startup community telling the success stories of technology innovators and business builders here in the greater Omaha region.

Scale Omaha’s monthly events provide opportunities for successful entrepreneurs in our community to share their stories and insights. These events are meant to bring together the startup community and those interested in seeing tech grow in Omaha.


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